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A gold ring with diamonds
A hand holding some gold
An ethiclly-sourced diamond

The jewellery industry is a wonderful thing; full of talented individuals who are passionate about creating beautiful, precious objects using age-old techniques.

It’s no secret though, that many of the materials and processes that go into making much of the world’s jewellery is less than pretty, with dubious mining and trading often leading to exploitation, unsafe and unfair working practices, and environmental harm.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, and that’s why I only use ethically-sourced metals and stones in my work. Here’s a little bit more about what I use.

Ethically-sourced diamonds

All the diamonds I use in my permanent collection are CanadaMark diamonds.

CanadaMark diamonds are responsibly mined in a way that prioritises the health and safety of workers, upholds employment laws, pays people fairly, benefits the local community and protects the natural environment.

Get in touch for more information about CanadaMark diamonds or to chat about other ethically-sourced stones

Recycled metals


Recycled metals come from scrap jewellery, medical equipment, electronics, and giftware. You can choose to have your piece made with either recycled or Fairmined gold by selecting the option on the product page where available.

Using recycled metals in my jewellery means that no additional gold or silver is extracted from the earth, avoiding all the problems often associated with non-responsible mining. Using recycled metals is a great way to make jewellery that is kind to people and planet.


Recycled gold and silver are of the same quality as non-recycled gold and silver, and will be hallmarked to guarantee purity.

Packaging and paperwork

All the packing I use is fully recyclable; postal boxes, jewellery boxes, postcards, even the tape used to seal the boxes! So please remember to pop everything in your recycling bin.

I aim to run my business in as paperless a way as possible; nothing unnecessary is printed out and everything possible is reused or recycled.

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