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Buttery yellow gold and two warm, sunny sapphires make the perfect combination for this month's piece of charity jewellery. Made with 9ct recycled gold, a pretty pink sapphire from Malawi, and a summery yellow sapphire from Australia, this ring is handmade with responsibly-sourced materials. What's more, 25% will be donated to the Refugee Council once this ring finds its forever home.  


Refugees, including those fleeing Afghanistan, desperately need support; they’ve lost everything they have. It’s vital that people receive care and support to survive and thrive once they’re here in the UK. We need to welcome and support hundreds more refugees in our communities over the coming days and weeks. While the UK Government has pledged to resettle 20,000 Afghans over the next 5 years, many more are in imminent danger and will be making their own way to find safety. 


Together we can welcome refugees and support them to rebuild their lives, from the moment they arrive. The £80 raised by the sale of this ring could provide essential food for those who are destitute, and pay for an hour of therapy, to help a refugee recover from trauma and grief.

August 2021 - 9ct gold and sapphire ring

    • 9ct recycled gold
    • 2.5mm Australian yellow sapphire
    • 2.5mm Malawi pink sapphire
    • UK size N.5
  • This ring will be ready to ship in 5 working days.

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